Rates & Memberships

CrossFit Sebastopol Membership Options & Rates


$185 / Month


Come work out with us as much as your heart desires with an Unlimited membership. You’ll have the opportunity to come to as many CrossFit, Barbell Club, and Open Gym classes as you like every week.

Twice a Week

$135 / Month, 2x Per Week


Have a busy schedule or just getting the hang of CrossFit? Come twice a week to any CrossFit, Barbell Club, or Open Gym class.

Open Gym

$69 / Month, 3x Per Week


Open Gym is your time to practice a skill, do some lifting to build strength, do a WOD with a friend, do a conditioning workout on a machine, or work on gymnastics. During Open Gym athletes have access to all of the equipment. Open Gym classes are an hour long, not coached, and happen three times a week. See our Schedule of Classes.

CrossFit On-Ramp

$400 / 5 sessions


Looking to get started with CrossFit? Our five session CrossFit On-Ramp is the perfect way! We'll coach you through all of the "Foundational CrossFit Movements," skill work, gymnastics work and strength work. By the end of the program you'll be practicing the movements safely, confidently, and efficiently. At the completion of the five sessions, you'll be ready to jump into any CrossFit class.

Contact Us to schedule On-Ramp sessions.

Drop In

$20 / Class


All drop in visitors are welcome to CrossFit Sebastopol. We ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes early. Read more about Dropping In. See our Schedule of Classes. See our Location. See Today’s WOD.

Personal Training

Contact Us For Pricing


Whether you’re just starting out, trying to get in shape, or want to push your fitness to new levels we can come up with a personal training program for you. We’re ready to help you customize a nutrition plan, teach workout techniques, develop a training schedule, motivate you, and celebrate with you after you shatter your fitness goals.

The following is applicable to all memberships:

• There will be NO REFUNDS.


**Holds/freezes- members can request to put their membership on hold for travel/injury/illness/personal reasons for at least a minimum of 3 weeks or longer. Members must contact staff to hold membership.

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